Dr. Raj Banerjee

I have been a chiropractor for 34 years.  We have lived a great life, had the American dream. house, cars, vacations and more, but after 34 years I had no savings and no plan for the future. We started with Bruce at Chirowealth Learning Systems in November of 2015. In 8 months he has shown us how to save more than $10,000 a month and we are rapidly preparing for the future. His program has helped us to focus more on our business and saving for our future. Our practice has increased and our collections have grown.
 We are excited that we are now able to plan to add an associate to our practice. All of this without having to change our lifestyle. I think you are a wonderful and great coach for us.

Dr. Marc Weiss

"Bruce has been a god sent to me since I signed up with him only 3 months ago. Before signing up with Chirowealth, I saved a total of $24,000 in 15 years in practice. That's $1600 per year. Since joining Chirowealth, in 3 months I have saved over $14,000 and on my way to save $65,000 this year. I now have a clear financial plan towards my future for myself and my family. Thank-you Bruce for getting me on the right path."

Dr. Steve Byrne

“What I love about the strategy you put in place for us is that I know we are safely investing for the future while continuing to push ourselves. You have provided me with a tool that keeps my mindset stay focused on keeping the pedal down and not letting up.”

Dr. David Schwartz, North Carolina

“I just want to let you know how grateful I am thus far to have stumbled into your program. Your coaching should be mandatory for all future chiropractors.”

Dr. Jeff Wells, Illinois

“I have completely changed how I look at my money. I have realized that just like with health, wealth is not created by treating symptoms but by changing the fundamental beliefs in how to deal with finances.

In my first year in practice I had saved about $8000 and I thought I was doing awesome! Since starting Chirowealth with Bruce, not only have I saved over $25,000, but my practice is finally starting to take off, too! And this is only after four months in the program!

I truly appreciate how Bruce has gotten me on the right path and I am excited to grow even more in the next year and see myself surpassing all my goals and dreams!”

Dr. Zach Sedivy, Italy

Dr. Matt Uchtman

“Chirowealth showed me how to create and capture my practice profits. I have saved more money in the past eight months than I did in the first five years of practice. Chirowealth Learning Systems gave me the tools to imagine, believe and act upon my previously dormant abilities. The lessons I learned have been profound and have resulted a huge transformation in my personal and business life.”

Dr. Joey Miles, North Carolina


“I have been working with Chirowealth Learning Systems for just over 2 months. Together we have transformed my finacial life 180 degrees. For the first 25 years of practice I averaged 5 thousand dollars in savings and this year I will save over 100 thousand. I will also cut my income tax bill in half and will be debt free in seven years or less. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Mine showed up last November. Thanks Bruce.”

Dr. Bill Hemmer, Illinois

“Prior to working with Chirowealth Learning Systems I was saving at most $12,000 per year.  A little over two years later I’m saving over $100,000 per year with the potential to go to $200,000 within the next 18 months. Our practice collections have gone from $360,000 over $670,000 per year and I’m confident that I will reach my dream $1 million practice within two more years.

I can confidently endorse Chirowealth Learning Systems and Bruce Reimer to any chiropractor who wants to expand and realize their true potential. It is a life-changing process.

Following the guidelines taught by Bruce and Chirowealth Learning Systems has put me in control of my finances, helped me wipe out my debt and enabled me to accumulate a large amount of wealth in a short period of time.

Bruce’s program put together the infinite pieces of the puzzle that held me back from achieving my full potential and is given me and my family financial freedom. I now have the tools to achieve my dreams.”

Dr. Chae Tracy, Texas

“Prior to working with Chirowealth Learning Systems, we had built a successful practice with substantial collections, but we felt like we were in the middle of the ocean treading water, seeing a high volume of patients, but nothing to show for all the work.

What we were able to learn and implement is nothing short of a miracle. Five months into the program we have gone from saving ‘0’ to over $135,000 per year. It may sound too good to be true, but once we understood and believed what was possible for us, we followed the program exactly as outlined.

The Chirowealth program has been life-changing and eye-opening… we now have a clear vision, strong belief in the plan of action for implementing our dreams and goals.”

Dr. Anthony & Julia Monnin, Ohio

Dr. Corinne Weaver

“I’ve been in practice over 30 years and never exceeded $250,000 in collections, with an average of $200,000 per year in the last few years. With inflation and a downward trending economy I thought I was doomed to financial failure for the rest of my life. Then one day I answered an ad I saw in the Chiropractic Journal.

At first I was very skeptical, as I had coached with many organizations in the past with little to show for the money I spent and the effort I put out. With the many consultants I had in the past, I always felt like a small fish.  I did not get the personalized attention that I received from Bruce Reimer and Chirowealth Learning Systems. He really cared about me and guided me towards a business philosophy and an action plan that truly changed my life.

When I started with Bruce less than two years ago, I was minus $2000 at the end of each month and getting deeper and deeper into debt. Today after following the guidance of Chirowealth and implementing the suggestions that Bruce gave me, I am saving $10-$12,000 per month and my practice is up over $250,000 per year in collections. Today, I really have a renewed vigor for life and am once again excited and passionate about going to work.

Added bonus: over the years my physical and mental health had deteriorated and began to wear on me. The coaching process has improved my mental and physical health dramatically. I now sleep through the night, my blood sugar is regulated and my blood pressure has normalized.”

Dr. Mark Schwartz

“My financial life is transformed after only eight months of working with Bruce and Chirowealth Learning Systems. I went from saving $6-$8000 a year to over $200,000 per year or $16-$17,000 Each Month!

I reset my business philosophy and developed a goal setting consciousness and the goal setting awareness.

I developed the ability to predict or forecast what my practice needed on a weekly basis in order to continue experiencing positive growth.

I increased my collections and practice growth… an unexpected benefit which I believe came about as a result of the new disciplines I learned.

Because of my change in philosophy and the ability to capture my practice profits, I’ve been able to attract new opportunities that otherwise would not have been available to me.

Today I feel as though I have a lifetime of financial peace of mind and security.

What I’ve learned has become internalized and automated. I only spend 15 to 30 minutes weekly maintaining my new disciplines.”

Dr. Rob Vasquez, Texas

“Chirowealth Learning Systems has been a life changer for us. We had no idea how we would break free financially until we met up with Bruce Reimer and Chirowealth Learning Systems.

It has been eight years since we did the financial coaching but our lives are so different today because of the disciplines and insights that were revealed to us. Today we have such a wonderful life. Because of the $100,000 plus we are able to save each year we been able to purchase the perfect property and build our dream practice exactly the way we had imagined it early in our career. This happened within two years of beginning the coaching process. The disciplines and philosophy taught to us has enabled us to manifest and design the life of our dreams. Today we are in the top 10 to 15% of chiropractic offices in terms of collections and eight years after beginning the coaching process we have the equity available to pay off all of our debt if we wanted to.

In summary, Bruce and Chirowealth Learning Systems has opened the door to show us how to live and practice with greater skill and insight, but most importantly how to capture the profits in our practice that would certainly have eluded us. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

Dr. Alex and Sheri Kassalias, South Carolina

Dr. Anthony & Julia Monnin

“Words cannot begin to express how grateful we are to have started this coaching program. It has completely transformed our lives.

Both chiropractors, we recently started a new practice in a new city over a year ago. We knew we would succeed and do well in chiropractic because of our passion, but we never made any plans for our future financial goals, life goals or debt reduction. Being out of school only 6 years, we both have enormous school loans, credit card debt, bank and car loans…a lot of debt! We were doing well, but not saving any money. We had no idea where our money was going, how much we were collecting, we had no budget. Our track for getting out of debt we figured would be about 30+ years. Bottom line, we had no idea about where we were or where our path would lead. We were just “going with the flow” and waiting to see what would happen. We were paying the bills and getting a steady income, however we were not significantly paying down our debts. We thought that we were ok. We were happy but doing nothing extraordinary.

Then we were introduced to Chirowealth Learning Systems.

We have experienced such an amazing turnaround in our practice financially as well as our personal life. We now have complete control over our finances, goals for our life and most importantly peace of mind that our entire future will be secure. Chirowealth Learning Systems has taught us unique ways to look at our whole financial picture and not just individual pieces, much like the ‘chiropractic’ way of looking at health.

Now we know how every penny is earned and spent, previously unimaginable to us, and have saved more money this past year than most people make in a year! They have helped us shape our future so we are able to achieve anything we could ever want. We now have so much confidence, clear cut goals for our life and will have more abundance than we have ever dreamed! Every goal that we already set this past year financially, in practice or personally we have surpassed. What we love is that they have a complete awareness of chiropractic philosophy and integrate it into their financial philosophy.

We look forward to continued coaching. We are clients for life!”

Drs. Marc & Joelle Surprenant

“I began coaching with Bruce Reimer of Chirowealth about four years ago. At the time, with ten years of private practice experience, I had what most people considered an above average practice. Despite having a busy patient load, I didn’t seem to have much to show for it – money was going out the door just as fast as it was coming in. This type of practice was stressful and I found myself in a constant state of need.

Like a good chiropractic office, Chirowealth is big on education. Before I was encouraged to invest a dime, I was given hours of instruction and information to increase my understanding. Admittedly, this took some time because I had a lot to learn. However, over time, Bruce helped me change my headspace in how I looked at my practice, my personal goals, and money in general. He also introduced me to a habit of saving that gave me a sense of security I had never enjoyed in practice before. Most importantly, Bruce provided me with a system of wealth accumulation that has given me and my family
certainty that we can be out of debt and financially secure within seven years.

I had searched out other models of debt reduction and saving prior to Chirowealth, but these models were based mostly on the mere opinions of financial advisors and investors in what should work in a stable economy. I was looking for a system that was more concrete. Even in the midst of an unstable economy, the system provided by Chirowealth has allowed me to double my income while at the same time, increase my savings by twenty-fold each year. I always had intentions to save and prepare for the future in this way, but looking back now, I know I would have never made this level of progress without the education and the system provided by Chirowealth.”

Dr. Geoff Walburn, Indiana

“Our lives as chiropractors are focused on giving, loving and serving that we thought everything else would just take care of itself. After 14 years in practice we woke up one day and realized we were not treating our financial life in a way that would glorify all the hard work and service we provided.

Chirowealth Learning Systems gave us the freedom to continue to serve, give, love and do but taught us how to also look at our financial health like it was just as important as our physical health. The strategies, techniques and philosophies that we have learned have allowed us to experience and attract more money, maintain our awesome life style, respect our financial future and continue to focus on service. Their ideals are so in line with our philosophy that it is a joy being coached.

In one year time our lives have turned 180 degrees. We have saved more money in one year than we had in 14 years and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. There is no amount of money or words to say that could truly equal the value and worth that Bruce and Mika have given us. The best phone call we ever made was to Chirowealth Learning Systems. They have helped us rewrite our past and redesign our future.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

Dr. Kevin Jackson & Dr. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson

Dr. Joey Miles

“We are so grateful for what we have learned through coaching with you. We can see that what we have learned helped us make more “macro” decisions in how to pay for our new office and we have come out with money in the bank instead of only more debt. Even though it was a stressful time for us professionally, it has been much more positive because of you. Thank you so very much!”

Dr. Brad and Janet Fackrell, New Mexico

“I doubled my annual collections my second calendar year with Chirowealth Learning Systems. I am saving well over $50,000 per year and am building a safe financial fortress for my family and myself.”

Dr. Heather Rice, Vermont

“We are both Doctors of Chiropractic, practicing since 1998. Our experience of the Chirowealth Learning Systems education… WOW! It’s like they told us in chiropractic school – “school” is going to be like putting your mouth around a fire hydrant.

As a result of continuing the education and coaching – we are starting to understand how pieces of the financial puzzle fit together. We are starting to understand the “Big Picture”.”

Drs. Todd & Debbie Hamilton

Dr. Alex Kassalias

“Thanks to Chirowealth Learning Systems we are really progressing. Without their constant support and encouragement we would be lost. They help us stay on track. Thank you!

We have been so excited and incredibly motivated. It’s gotten more and more exciting and more informative as we’ve gone along – literally life changing.

I learned that ‘structure determines function’ not only pertains to chiropractic but also to my financial life. Learning about financial re-structuring was the most important aspect of the education for us. Not only helping us structure our business but also structuring our whole life. Now we know where to go. What to do.

I was talking to another chiropractor involved in the same process and both of us have been in practice about the same length of time. We have both made and wasted a lot of money! With the Chirowealth education system we are now on track to being financially and personally free.”

Dr. Bill & Kelly

“When I started with Chiro-Wealth Learning Systems I was totally in the dark regarding my financial life. Today I can see a fortune coming my way. I saved over $100,000 my first year.”

Dr. Raj Banerjee

“I can’t thank Bruce Reimer enough for the commitment he’s made to me and my family, how it’s affected our lives, and the person he’s helped me become.”

Dr. Mike Bucknell

Dr. Johnathan Davis

“I have always known that the more I invest into designing my life, the closer to reality it would become.  For whatever reason though, I never completely surrendered to the process until recently.  Over the past few months, I have made the commitment to plan and design my financial future as I do everything else in my life.  Through my discussions with Bruce, the reading material suggested and committing the time weekly, I now completely believe that I can design my financial life.

Being the best stewards of our finances allows us to maximize our God given potential.  I have never wanted to focus on money because it is not the most important thing in my life, but I have realized that by not dealing with it at all, I was actually letting it control me more.  I would recommend that everyone take time to organize their finances which actually frees you up to do more of what you love.”

Dr. Megan Griffiths-Powell

“Chirowealth Learning Systems is simply an amazingly useful tool for me to achieve my goals in life. Bruce has helped me realize my potential for becoming truly wealthy. Not just in the sense of having lots of money (even though it’s a nice bonus), but he has helped me become a better person with all of the character building tools given along with the wealth coaching.

I love how Bruce actually cares about me as an individual and does not look at me like other coaches or management companies whom I have been affiliated with. It always seemed like the other companies would tell you what to do and you had to compromise your morals and ethics to succeed in their systems. Bruce has been teaching me how to be successful within my own framework of thought which makes the process much more pleasant and effective.

I have already saved tens of thousands of dollars within a few months and I don’t even notice or miss the money I’m saving!”

Dr. Joshua Blume, Washington

“Three months into the Chirowealth program I have saved over $55,000, reduced my debt 15% and have been given a path to be debt free in 5-7 years. No one has ever shown me the path and been able to back it up with hard data and numbers. Thank you for all you do. I have been blessed beyond measure with your work with me.”

Dr. Troy Dreiling, Washington

Dr. Mike Bucknell

“I want to thank you for your help and direction this past year. Your program of designing a comprehensive financial plan always with a Holistic view is truly unique. Once the various components were put into motion I began to see and realize a financial state of being that would propel me toward financial independence faster than any other program I have investigated in my 25 years of practice. I look forward to the continued relationship”

Dr. Peter Gale, Massachusetts

“Prior to hiring Chirowealth Learning Systems I had eighteen years of private chiropractic practice experience and had generated millions of dollars of income with only thousands of dollars in hard assets remaining.  I was near total burn-out and truly near bankruptcy. Now I am saving thousands of dollars per month and have gotten a strong handle on my personal and practice cash-flow. I find Bruce dependable, straight forward, caring and competent.  I heartily recommend the Chirowealth Learning System to any colleague who struggles with the business end of practice and who is teachable and sincere about changing their financial lives.”

Dr. Tony Wilbeck, Kansas

“Like every Chiropractor, I have my many lives to balance and be effective in. I always suspected that my financial life was on the back burner but I didn’t fully REALIZE it was on the back burner until I first spoke with Chirowealth Learning Systems. The Chirowealth Coaching System has given me the confidence and ability to keep my financial life on the front burner. And the front burner of Chirowealth is a front burner like no other!

If you are ready to step into a whole new world of financial independence, asset protection, and tax strategies, call Chirowealth today!”

Dr. Ashly Ochsner

“The best choice we made when we started our practice 18 months ago was using the ChiroWealth coaching system. In a short space of time we’ve saved over $26,000.00 and learned strategies to make our money work for us in ways that we never thought possible.”

Dr. Aimee & Ian Davis

“Chirowealth Learning Systems have taken my personal and business finances to a height I never imagined! I have saved more money in less than ten months than I ever have in my entire life. They have been fantastic in business ideas and strategies as well. AND the best part is I am getting myself set up financially for the end of my career and life so I can live and retire how I want, when I want. They ROCK with the know-how to do this!”

Dr. Gail Galligan

“I feel like my life has been saved….With no clue where to start, today I feel in complete control of my financial future. I can thank the folks at Chirowealth Learning Systems for putting me back on track. I am now saving over $50,000 a year.”

Dr. Dan Maggio

“I became a Chirowealth client about one year ago and I have to say that they have helped to change my life dramatically! My understanding of how money really works has grown exponentially as has my bank account.

I have been in practice for 15 years and although my practice has grown with time, money (or the lack of it) always seemed to be a problem. My coach at Chirowealth has helped me to create a solid financial strategy that pays me first and is securing my financial independence in a few short years. This is something I never dreamed possible! It’s true!

Chirowealth has not only helped me to understand how to manage money, but they have helped me understand how to create money and how to attract it into my life like bees to honey. And it is getting even better. As time goes on and I become more confident and independent I am learning sophisticated and legal tax strategies that will save me a bundle at the end of each year (stuff my accountant doesn’t even know).

Chirowealth is helping me to create a secure future for my family, and for me that is worth its’ weight in gold! Thanks, you guys are the greatest!”

Dr. Steve Macagnone

“Since enrolling in Chirowealth Learning Systems, we have reduced our taxes by 65% our first year. We are saving over $100,000 per year and our assets are safe from frivolous lawsuits. We now have an understanding of how money and finance work. Everything is coming together and today we are actualizing our dreams.”

Dr. Bruce & Pam Westra

“The holistic approach I learned from Chirowealth Learning Systems enabled me to save $64,000 my first year and I’m on schedule to increase my practice productivity by over 40% this year. All of this without compromising my philosophy or integrity.”

Dr. Cory & Darcy Kenyon

“I have saved over $60,000 my first year with Chirowealth Learning Systems. I feel really secure today and have a clear plan for financial success. ”

Dr. Mark Albers