Why Chirowealth Learning Systems?

Chirowealth Learning Systems exists for the sole purpose of empowering chiropractors to be financially successful. I believe that when enough chiropractors break free from the chains of excess taxes and debt and take control of their financial destiny, chiropractic will finally get the attention and respect it deserves.

I’m often asked what it is that we do, and realize I have not been specific enough about explaining our process and thus every chiropractor that contacts me does not see the opportunity that can be availed through the process.

I’ve been asked if it’s like another practice management group. I’ve also been asked if it’s a financial planning organization or if I’m a financial planner. The answer is that it is none of those things.

It is actually a learning or educational process that goes on over the course of six months to a year and is broken down into a series of carefully crafted one-on-one consults. There really is nothing like it being offered to the chiropractic profession.

Its purpose is to get to the core or the root cause of financial failure or lack of optimal financial success. The process reveals the underlying reasons that prevent the individual from achieving financial success. It teaches a financial philosophy that is proven to motivate results; and it it provides a series of activity templates that can be ultimately owned and internalized.

Results come very quickly for the right client. The client that succeeds at this process or the client that gets the most of what we have to offer is open to new ideas. They make long-term decisions. They are people or companies of action that actually go forward and implement the ideas instead of just talking about them.

I invite you learn more about what it is that we do. You can speak directly to me, by going to www.speaktobruce.com