Slavery 21st Century Style

The financial system in this country is configured to work for the top 5% and designed so that the majority of the population can get a big screen TV, buy a home (with a fat mortgage), take a vacation or two each year and then spend the rest of the time distracted trying to make enough money to pay their bills, pay their taxes and service their debt. The promise of the Great American Dream provides a perpetual state of hope that our lives and our finances will get better. Credit lets us buy the things that give us the illusion that things are better.

People who have a few comforts and live in a perpetual state of hope stay distracted and keep working. They do not question the taxing system or executive bonuses or the economic bailout or the Patriot Act. They do not question Wall Street and what the mainstream media tells them. They are too tired, too brainwashed and too afraid to rock the very boat they hope will eventually provide them with their big break.

As a chiropractor, you no doubt can clearly see how the allopathic medical establishment, pharmaceutical companies and corporations have enslaved Ameri cans with respect to their health.

For you to achieve financial freedom you must seek economic truth and break the financial binds that are holding you hostage. To do this you have to clearly see how the mainstream financial establishment parallels the allopathic medical establishment and is pushing financial products for THEIR profit, not yours. These well marketed and poorly designed financial products alleviate and mask your current financial symptoms to the detriment of your overall and ultimate financial health.

If you are guilty of making choices that put money in the pockets of the Power Brokers you will ALWAYS BE AN ECONOMIC SLAVE.

While it may not be practical or possible for all people to fully free themselves from this system, you can stop the bleeding, free yourself FOREVER from debt and take back your economic autonomy. And you don’t even have to rock the boat or break any laws or rules.