Manifesting Wealth

After 33 years of working to improve my own as well as the financial situation of others, here’s what I’ve discovered—” A fool and his money are soon parted”.  If this is anything close to the truth, the world is undoubtedly saturated with fools; at least when it comes to money.

What is the source of all this foolishness? Let’s examine the chiropractic profession which is made up of approximately 100,000 or so chiropractors.  It has been said that “liars don’t figure and figures don’t lie.”  It translates to mean that over 90% of the chiropractic profession neglect to understand where they stand financially.  As simple as the solution to this is, it is simply not addressed.

If the solution to creating wealth was unveiled and if it proved to be a relatively simple discipline, how many would heed the signs and begin to implement the discipline? Well as it proves out, very few. Anyone reading this column could begin the process of turning their financial lives around by adapting just a few simple procedures.

Here’s the truth…  What I’m about to lay forth is easy to do, but also very easy not to do.

Want to be Rich?

To reach your financial goals, you’ll first have to have financial goals.  In a recent statistic quoted by Paul Meyer, 3% of the population have written and specific goals. It appears that those same 3% possess 97% of the world’s wealth.

Here is step number one— crystallize your thinking. Your goal must be very specific… just saying I want to have more money will not cut it. Once the goal has been crystallized and written down you need to give a deadline for its attainment. Remember you’re writing the goal on paper, not etching it in granite. It can be extended or changed if circumstances require it.

The goal must be” realistic and attainable”. If you collected $500,000 this year and you have a goal of $1,000, 000 in the next year, it is likely not realistic for most. A realistic goal would be to collect an additional $100,000 in the next 12 months; that’s a 20% increase. Also beware not to set your goals too low as they will not have the power to move you to action.

This is about as far as most people take goal setting; however, the most powerful aspect of the manifestation process begins once you make a list of the obstacles or roadblocks that could stand in the way of you achieving your objectives. Making a list of obstacles is essential if you’re going to reach new levels of achievement.

Once the obstacles are clearly stated, a unique phenomenon begins to occur. The solutions begin to appear. The money flows in, the people that will help you complete your project will seemingly come out of nowhere and the ideas you need will mysteriously arrive. According to Deepak Chopra “the universe has organizing power.”

Once you’ve crystallized your goal, set a deadline for its attainment, listed the obstacles and roadblocks, you’ll want to ask yourself, “Do I have a white heat passion and desire to accomplish the goal? What needs of mine, my family, my associates, staff and community are being met by going for this goal?  If you can give yourself a big enough reason or ” WHY,” you will surely succeed.

The secret to achieving financial freedom will continue to elude all but a few. Those that embrace a strong work ethic and have internalized a sensible philosophy and attitude, accompanied by a crystallized plan of action will be among those few.

In the words of Paul J. Meyer founder of Success Motivation Institute, “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, will inevitably come to pass.”

To obtain a copy of the goal setting worksheet described in this article CLICK HERE.