Another Chiropractor that Transformed his Life


Thank you for the book. I read it cover to cover and shared it with Sheri as we reviewed our current financial position. We are even more excited now about our future. It feels great knowing we have a crystallized plan. Shortly, just counting months… we will have our financial future secured…yahoo! But, because I still enjoy my practice and building it, I plan on making regular 10k/mo contributions to my plan for at least several years. It feels great having options. Another exciting thing about this is that when the time comes that I don’t want to work anymore…I will be considered a “millionaire”!   I can’t believe I just said that!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for being the world’s best coach I ever had. Your program gives chiropractors a completely different system that grows wealth month after month. Your coaching gives chiropractors a completely different mindset on how to get wealthy. I’ve had a lot of coaches for different aspects of my life and practice. Your leadership is the most life changing.


Alex Kassalias,D.C.
HealthSource of Greenville
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